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DJ Mixes

2023 DJ Mix

Take a listen to our 2023 DJ mix, perfect for weddings and private parties! You will get an idea of Mike's style of DJing, mixing, and music choices. This latest video is more high energy and has today's top hits, throwbacks from the 80's and 90's and 2000's, hip hop, EDM, reggaeton, remixes, mashups, and more.


Think of this as like a work out mix, but for dance parties at weddings or private parties. This mix is over an hour long, so free to put it on your TV and start a dance party, or leave it on in the background while you browse the web, plan your wedding, run chores, exercise, cook, etc. We hope you enjoy it!


Please note that not every wedding and event are the same and he does not always DJ in this way, with this speed, and with these same songs. This mix is just a demonstration, as we take our client's input to match their tastes and vibe.

2021 DJ Mix

This is our 2021 wedding-style mix! In this video, Mike utilizes quick mixing and plays a wide range of music that will be familiar to both younger and older guests. Perfect for family-friendly weddings, parties, and any loungey event that needs some fun and upbeat music!

MixCloud Mixes

We have some more audio-only mixes available on our MixCloud page! Some are recorded live during real weddings performed by Mike Lujan. You can check them out here!

We Take Music Seriously

Mike Lujan doesn't just take a playlist and plays your songs in order. He mixes your Must Play songs together with other songs based on his best judgement. They are mixed in a way that makes sense and flows well to keep the dance party full of energy. DJing is a craft, and deciding what song to play next is an organic and complex process that involves reading the crowd's body language, intuition, and experience. We got all three to truly provide the best in wedding reception entertainment

Wedding Reception DJ

The guests at your wedding reception will likely have a lot of variety in age and music tastes. Mike mixes smoothly between Today's Hits and throwbacks from 2000's, 90's, all the way back to 60's. Knowing that many older songs don't have the same energy as newer music, we often utilize remixes, mashups, and re-drums to play familiar music while keeping everything sounding fresh for the younger crowd. We also don't let every song play in full, and we don't awkwardly fade songs in and out at the wrong times. We know our wedding music, we understand song structure, we know how to count beats, and we know how to mix and transition smoothly. We don't just hit play; our DJ gear has MANY buttons, and we put them to work!

Have Mike perform at your wedding or event!

Let's Talk Music!

Reach out to us to learn how we can help make your event an unforgettable musical experience! 

Pricing, info and availability will be shared ASAP.

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