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Hype up the party with a Wedding DJ + Sax combo!

Saxophonist Brendan Schnabel and DJ Mike Lujan
Saxophonist Brendan Schnabel and DJ Mike Lujan

DJs can bring the excitement to the dance floor, and saxophonists can bring a great combo of fun and elegance to any part of a wedding or party. Now, when you combine the two, it's a whole other level of entertainment.

Check out our video below with our first time collaborating with saxophonist Brendan Schnabel. Brendan is a long-established musician and educator in Washington DC, and is a part of many highly-talented bands in the area. In this video, Brendan and DJ Mike Lujan joined forces to perform at an exceptionally high energy after party for Emily and Alex's wedding at the Conrad in Washington DC! We played a wide range of music, from latin, rap, RnB, and house, and that dance floor was crazy the entire time!

Brendan and Mike had so much fun performing together that Lujan Entertainment is now officially launching the Sax+ DJ combo as a new package for all weddings and private parties! We can also play many different genres, from classics and throwbacks of the 70's, all the way up to today's current top hits. If this is something you absolutely need for your party, submit an inquiry with us today! Also, if you already booked Mike's DJ service and want to add Brendan to the mix, let us know right away and we will send you a quote ASAP.

Shoutouts to Team Lujan's Carla Cueva for capturing all of these clips! And definitely a huge shoutout to Brendan for absolutely killing it at the after party!


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